Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The post in which not much happens

Which is a good thing. This last cycle has gone well, hence not much to report. The bottle and access needle came out easily on Sunday - thank you to the out of hours District Nursing team who did the removal and flush. It was a bit alarming that there were three of them though; they did confess that only one of them had ever dealt with a portacath before so the other two were there to learn! The NHS tends to run to PICC/ Hickman lines, so I'm lucky to have the Aston Martin of deep vein access, and I don't mind people using me as practice. Everyone's got to learn somewhere.

I did use the EMLA cream for this Zoladex and it was much easier. The nurse wondered if I'd put on some weight because even she thought it was easier; I'd prefer to think that it was because I couldn't feel it! This time it will last 12 weeks rather than four, so at least I don't have to do that again any time soon.

Reflexology has been my saviour this time round. I saw her on the Tuesday after the cycle when I was starting to feel really thick headed and sluggish, not eating well and quite constipated. I came out of the session feeling energised, with a clear head and (ahem) bowels moving much better, and I've felt "up" ever since. My worry now is that I have a cycle on 20 December so need to see her on Christmas Eve to achieve the same effect (well, technically Christmas Day, but even I won't ask that!). I hope she says she will see me on 24th, I think it might save Christmas for me.

Otherwise, life is all about Christmas. Various relatives are visiting from/going to visit the far flung corners of the Dragon family this weekend, so the pressure is on to have all presents and cards ready to go. Last Christmas shopping today with my Mum, which I'm really looking forward to as we haven't done that in years. And apparently it's snowing outside! 20 sleeps to Christmas (can you tell I've got small children? One of whom is in bed next to me telling me she's bored of my writing now, so I'd better stop and start getting everyone up!).


  1. BB Dragon - Good to read your blog, you are one cycle in front of me I had R2 yesterday and for the first time have pins and needles when getting stuff from the fridge / freezer, had to find a glove!! Like you I have 2 kids although bit older at 15 & 10, but quite scary as we are quite young and surely this shouldn't happen to us young 'uns. Keep you blog going as I am sure I will not be the only one reading it and the info is great. I wish I had the dedication to write all my stuff down. I find it hard enough to update FB once a week. Thanks again and I hope this journey heads to a satisfactory end for both of us. Have a good Christmas, I am sure it will be having 2 small ones looking forward to Santa. All the best, Bantam Paul

    1. Thanks Paul. It shouldn't happen to anyone, bloody cancer. My children have been amazing; I hope your family are all coping as well as possible. It's nice to know this blog is of some use, too.

      Good luck with the rest of the chemo and here's to better things in 2013!