Thursday, 14 March 2013

And five...

Back to hospital again and yet again we are good to go. I'm very surprised as I had a cold last week and there are clear signs my body is finding this tough. Sweet and cold things are now agony on my teeth (the mouthwash lives next to the radiator). I'm developing odd cysts and spots, which are apparently normal. And not only has the feeling in my heels gone, but my index fingers and thumbs are following suit. The consultant is concerned, but is willing to continue all treatment if I am. As it's not so severe it compromises daily life, we agree to give it one more cycle.

My Mum and Dad were the transport in today, and they stayed and chatted all day which was lovely. Something different to break up the day, and they got to see the unit and meet everyone which I think helps them a bit, too - context, if you like.

The end of the tunnel is in sight. Only one more cycle to go.

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