Sunday, 31 March 2013

Why finishing chemo is a bit like being pregnant

Because at the end, I have three bottles of champagne. One from my in-laws, who are staying for Easter. One from my ecstatic parents, who are so pleased the chemo is over that simply speaking on the phone is not enough and they turn up with flowers and champagne on Easter Saturday. And one from an equally ecstatic DH. No baby though, just DD who is delighted that the medicine is over (DS is too little, mentally anyway (!) to really understand the significance).

The celebrations are overcast by the news that a former colleague and good friend's mum sadly passed away from cancer on the very day I was finishing treatment. Her diagnosis was very late stage and the prognosis never good, and she leaves a husband, four children and a grandchild behind. Rest in peace, Mrs W.

For the survivors, however temporary that might be, there is champagne. We - DH and PILs and I - drink two bottles over Easter weekend. Here's to life for those that go on!

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