Thursday, 21 February 2013

Half Term and Half Truths

This cycle coincides with half term week, so the weekend runs as usual with interruptions for chemo bottle removal and Neulasta jabs. As an aside, I found out this week that my Zoladex jab costs the NHS £225 ish (excluding the anaesthetic cream that I now regard as a "must") a pop and the Neulasta around £800 a go. Suddenly the NHS budget issue makes sense.

Anyway, half term week means different activities including a long planned trip to London with TN and the children. Monday presents a dilemma: do I go or not? I really, really want to go. The weather is glorious and everyone is excited. I tell DH I will be fine and I am coming. He tells me, bluntly, I am not. He will spend the whole day worrying about me and that's not fair on anyone else. The bravado goes out of me instantly - he's right, it's not fair. I can get out of bed and do basic stuff like washing, but a day traipsing round London is beyond me. Part of the problem is the feeling has gone in my heels completely now and I'm not sure how far I can walk. Time to stop lying to myself and being selfish. They leave, without me, and I go back to bed. The rest of the day is spent doing small stuff, watching The Killing 2 (can't be done with kids in the house) and wishing I was outside with them. When they get home they've all had a lovely time, which makes me feel better and worse.

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