Friday, 12 April 2013

Getting a grip on post-chemo life

No sense of abandonment has kicked in yet. Very quickly post-chemo my first scan appointment comes in, and the follow up, and the Macmillan nurse is in touch to arrange for some post-treatment support, so everyone is still there in my life at the moment. I guess I should get used to this for a few years to come.

It's my own expectations that are difficult. The last cycle was only 2 weeks ago so I shouldn't expect any improvement yet. But I do and it's frustrating. I'm still easily tired, still have reduced feeling in my hands and feet, still have pasty skin and tired eyes, still have insomnia and yet the mental elation at getting to the end of chemo, a point I've focused on as being a time to get on with stuff and move on, is driving me on to do more and more. Perhaps this will be a bigger battle, adjusting to life with the new, battered, me?

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