Sunday, 4 November 2012

Can I have chemo on a Caribbean island?

Cold and Oxaliplatin do not mix. However, it is November and it is cold. The tics are back with a vengeance and DH has to lead me through the streets to our local cinema to see the new Bond film, because the inside of my nose feels like it's on fire and my eyes have ticked shut. This is despite me being wrapped up like The Invisible Man.

All the sensations from last time are back - pins and needles, a little in my feet this time, the jaw pain and facial tics - plus some new ones: cramps in my calves, a little tightness in my chest (which I put down to the new infusion site) and discomfort in my hips and pelvis (which I put down to the bone jab). I'm also much more tired this time and spend much of Friday and Saturday in bed. Drinking water seems to help, when I can remember!

Oh yes, and the insomnia is back. Hence frenzied blog updating at 4/5/6 am. Not the recommended way to deal with it, but it works for me.

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  1. Hang in there- we're struggling with insomnia too, and have had some decent effects with chamomille tea! Probably all psychological but..!