Monday, 12 November 2012

Weekend medics

There are a lot of complaints in the UK about lack of availability of out of hours medical care. Not my experience, in truth - when we've needed someone, particularly for the children, they've come or the right advice has been made available - but there are plenty of people who say they can't see a doctor when they need to.

So I was a bit surprised to get two calls on Saturday. The first was from the district nurse, checking whether or not I needed a visit on Friday for the bone jab, because she was going away and she was prepping her lists for her cover. I don't, but bless her for remembering and for taking time out of her weekend to ask. The second was from the oncologist, checking up on how I was and reassuring me that stopping the cycle was not an issue because my markers are "reassuringly normal". That was just what I needed to hear and again how kind of her to take her own time to check I was OK.

I feel so much better, although the stomach is still giving me a bit of gip. I've been so pleased to be able to eat that I've probably overdone it a bit! And I'm very tired, can't physically do very much before needing to rest. Unfortunately this has made me very short tempered and a five year old and a two year old need lots of patience. DD told me tonight that it had been a "shouty weekend" and I guess it has; both DH and I are drained after the last week and it's hard when the children don't do as they're asked because that taxes the resources. It's not their fault, though - must try and work out a way to make family life a bit better.

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