Thursday, 22 November 2012

Feeling good

This may have something to do with the long pause since the last treatment. Tomorrow (bloods permitting) we start again. But the last ten days have been great. I feel better than I have done in a while and I've been trying to get things done whilst I feel up to it. So I have done most of the Christmas shopping via the wonders of Amazon and some fiddling around with bank accounts that I should have done years ago, shutting old ones I don't use and putting the money in places where it might earn some interest! Or just spending it on Amazon on Christmas presents... Naturally both children have done a growth spurt and so there's a clothes bill as well. Thankfully it's only money.

What else? A day's worth of row with BT, still ongoing - not a good thing but I was grateful for the energy to actually have the row. A lovely family weekend involving nothing more exciting than the school Christmas Fayre and pottering around the house, with only one major child related melt down. I finished knitting a meerkat (my Dad's Christmas present, don't ask) and even more triumphantly sewing the thing together. DH and I also had a fabulous meal at the Waterside Inn in Bray, with two of our closest friends. Originally it was booked for Friday, the day after chemo cycle 3, but the friend who booked it emailed them and explained and they kindly fit us in today. As DH and I collapsed on the sofas back home and we talked about the meal (which was wonderful) he said, "The best thing about today? Seeing you smile". I'm going to try and hang on to that over the next few days.


  1. I bet that meal was fabulous! How excellent that they accommodated you. I'm glad that you're feeling good and I hope it helps as this next cycle starts. That meerkat sounds interesting...

  2. I'll post a picture when I can - the meerkat rocks!