Saturday, 27 April 2013

The wine industry owes me

24 hours post results and 12 hours after announcing the all clear on Facebook, going by the texts and comments I count at least seven bottles of champagne/sparkling wine being opened and that doesn't include ours. Any excuse...

The response is overwhelming. Both my in-laws cry. Several of my friends cry, many of them at their desks in their offices. My Facebook status is full of happy hugs, kisses and cries of delight. DH goes to work and is missile-hugged by one of his colleagues. I didn't realise so many people cared so much - it's easy to forget the world outside your own battle bubble.

DD skips home from school, singing, "Cancer got its butt kicked". DS gives me a huge hug and rewards me by sleeping through for two nights.

Emotionally, this is a weird moment. I should be on top of the world, but it all feels like a bit of an anti-climax. When I came up with the title of this blog it was in response to the original diagnosis but the "So now what?" question has been pertinent so many times since then and never more so than now. But for a few days we can all relax and celebrate.

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