Saturday, 27 April 2013

First steps of next steps

Three positives this week (above the all clear, obviously):

I see a recruitment consultant on Monday, to discuss possible options. I would like to be back in a client facing role and she seems to think it's a tricky one, but not impossible. She produces a list of target firms and some interesting angles of approach. Whilst it feels disloyal to my current employers, who have been marvellous, this could take months to come to fruition so there's no harm in dipping a toe in the water.

Work start being proactive in helping me back to work, so occupational health are on the move with assessments and return to work plans. At a guess, I'll be back sometime in late May or early June.

I see a counsellor on Friday. It helps to talk to someone whose feelings I don't have to consider, who is outside all this, and she and I are going to have more sessions. DH is coming along, too. It will be painful, but worth it if it helps us come to terms with our new life.

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