Sunday, 30 September 2012

And finally some good news

Chemical consultant's secretary calls on Friday. She has faxed the details of the ovary jab to the surgery - thankfully, because I had forgotten what it was called, making life really difficult for the receptionist as she had no idea what she was trying to help me with (I should say at this point that doctors' receptionists, at least at this practice, are marvellous when you need them to be. Like when you are trying to arrange an appointment to get a drug you can't remember the name of that has to be done in a two day window so you can start chemo, and they have to try and help). She (chemical consultant's secretary) also has my cancer marker blood test results. They are normal so chemo can start. This is the best set of test results we have had from a consultant for a while. DH and I were starting to think that they could only ever be bad news.

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