Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The ground rules

Just in case anyone other than me ever does read this, I thought a few ground rules might be in order:

1) I have never blogged before. I haven't written a diary since I was in my teens. Please be tolerant of my writing style and my technological ineptitude. Constructive suggestions/tips welcome though.
2) I'm not responsible for other people's comments but I reserve the right to remove any I choose to remove for whatever reason. I'm not into censorship usually, but if you can't enter into a spirit of being supportive to me or others then this probably isn't your best forum. And it's my blog.
3) If you happen to work out/know who I am in RL, please keep it to yourself. I'd just prefer it that way.
4) There may be too much information in here; you may not want to read this whilst eating.

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