Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Bowel surgery vs pregnancy

1) For the former you get a spinal block without asking; for the latter people try everything to discourage it (1 point to bowel surgery - controversial, and I don't really wish I'd had epidurals during labour, but not being able to feel anything would have been marvellous at times).

2) After the former you can't drive for 6 weeks; same after the latter if you have a C-section (no score draw - this is a rubbish result either way).

3) After the former, you can't sleep on your side; same during the latter (score draw; using a pillow to prop up the stitches/bump works well).

4) For the former you get encouraged to stay in hospital; for the latter they kick you out ASAP (1 point to bowel surgery - I understand why they kick you out, but really everyone could do with a few days lying in).

5) During the latter, you get repeatedly kicked in various places around your abdomen and get vicious  heartburn. After the former, the air they pump in feels like both of these (1 point for pregnancy here, having these inflicted by a baby is preferable to being inflated like a balloon).

6) After the former, your first poo is very scary. Same after the latter. No comment.

So 3:2 to bowel surgery, it seems. Surely some mistake?

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