Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Being Mummy

Monday is almost free of medical appointments (Zoladex jab - I made the mistake of looking at the needle and discovering it is really rather large) and it is also half term. After a weekend of DS being a horrible two year old (everything is "NO!"), TN is back to put things on an even keel.

The four of us have a lovely day, carving pumpkins, making Halloween decorations and biscuits and making the Christmas cake. Gloriously domestic and reassuringly normal. Another boost I badly needed after last week and good for the children to see Mummy being, well, Mummy for a little while.


  1. My partner has just had his surgery for Dukes C bowel cancer, and is due to start the chemo regime in a couple of weeks. The posts about the side effects were really helpful. Hope the chemo goes well- Im sure to be popping in to see how you're doing. Happy Halloween.

    1. Hi Dolly,

      I hope he's recovering well and fingers crossed for the chemo. I'm off for cycle 2 tomorrow - let's hope I get past the bloods this time! Keep in touch and I'll keep posting.

  2. All the best! Going to invest in some e-tip gloves for him, he's an iPhone addict.

  3. That sounds like a really good idea, Dolly, I might go for some of those.