Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Cycle two approaches

As cycle two approaches, my mood isn't getting better. I feel oddly bereft when I have no drugs to take in the rest week and I feel exhausted. At a guess, it's my body trying to recover from the two week assault but it is pulling my mood down as well. DH is working hard and late, and by the time he gets back I am too tired for much of anything so I'm in bed. I don't really want to grumble to him, anyway - it's not what he needs and it is only grumbling, I know I'll pick up.

I have been out and about and whilst that doesn't help with the tiredness it does help with the mood. A couple of nice lunches with old and good friends, who I can give the potted update to and then talk about rubbish and mindless gossip and things that can happen when all this is done. I also went to the hairdresser and, following the advice of the Macmillan nurse, got my long hair chopped short. It turned out that my hairdresser, who I've been seeing for years, has always wanted to cut my hair short  and already had planned what he would do if the opportunity arose! Fingers crossed that will lessen the strain on the hair and less of it will break off. Although the Zoladex may have a similar effect - when I was pregnant I never shed much hair and never grew much either and my eyebrows don't seem to be growing as fast as usual so maybe the one will cancel out the other?

The sad thing was that my hairdresser, after he'd got over the shock of my news, said that he sees four women a year who are in the same position. That's one hairdresser in one salon in the middle of London. How wrong is that? How widespread is this shit?

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