Thursday, 4 October 2012


My Mum and Dad are babysitting so we can go out. Mum arrives bearing a parcel from Macmillan, containing all the booklets they sent her after she had a chat with their support helpline. I have my bundle of Macmillan leaflets courtesy of the nurse at today's consultation. Mum and I play Snap with the leaflets on our kitchen counter. We have only one in common, about chemotherapy as a treatment. Clearly there is a lot of reading to do - the pile is, in total, about 7 inches thick and covers everything from the medical side about the cancer and the treatment to the side effects of treatment and a number of support issues in between. Nutrition, telling your children, alternative remedies - they're all covered. I think having these as reference will be useful and I wish I'd had them at first diagnosis. Maybe not all of them as that might be too much, but the ones about the cancer itself and telling the children would have been useful.

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