Monday, 8 October 2012

Things you should never get caught with in your handbag

Small bags containing white powder. In my case it is L-Glutamine, to counteract the peripheral neuropathy from the chemo. However, I'm slightly nervous at taking it into a private members' club in London where signs abound telling members and guests that drug taking will not be tolerated.

The reason I am taking my drugs to a private members' club is that DH and I have a wedding to go to, the Saturday after my chemo starts. Nothing on earth, short of actual coma, would make me miss this. It is the wedding of my text hugger friend and her long term boyfriend and after their two year battle with her breast cancer she is clear and her hair is starting to grow back. They both look radiantly happy and she looks beautiful. The small ceremony is informal, and the registrar who performs the service joins in the fun.

There are long hugs between the four of us. I hope we are in as good a shape as a couple by the end of this.

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